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Financial Abuse: Mrs. Walker's Story
Safe BankingNov. 4, 2016

At 90, Mrs Walker was fairly well off for a retired librarian because of a big insurance settlement when her husband was killed in an accident at work. One day Bruce, one of her three children, showed up at the credit union with a Power of Attorney...

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Financial Abuse: Eleanor and Perry’s Story
Safe BankingOct. 17, 2016

Travis Pederson’s parents let him live rent-free in a cabin at the back of their property. Eleanor and Perry try to get along with Heather, Travis’s girlfriend, and they both really want grandchildren. They retired last year and rented out most of the land, because Travis wasn’t going to take over the farm.

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Financial Elder Abuse: Victor's Story
Safe BankingOct. 12, 2016

Victor Phelps gave up driving when he turned 85. To help him pick up bigger items he couldn’t carry on his bike, like groceries and woodworking supplies, he made his friend Angela joint on his account and gave her her own debit card.

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Beware the 'Grandparent Scam'
Safe BankingSep. 27, 2016

Recent reports from the Better Business Bureau are advising the public to be aware of the latest phone scam targeting grandparents. Scammers phone seniors, posing as their grand-child,...

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