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Safe Banking

In this day and age there are many cyber criminals who use a variety of methods to try to compromise your accounts, which can lead to identity theft or obtain money or gift cards from you fraudulently.

It is important to remain vigilant to the threats out there to protect yourself from fraud and the theft of your personal information. By understanding and following cyber security best practices you can reduce the risk of account compromise and bank safely. 

Protect your Devices

By following the best practices in the video below, you can reduce the risk of malware or ransomware, which are designed to steal your information or hold your device "ransom" until you pay cyber criminals to unlock your machine.

Avoid Phishing Scams
Fraudsters deploy a number of tactics in an attempt to steal your personal information or money. One of these tactics are phishing scams, which are emails or text messages that are designed to look like they are coming from a legitimate company. When you download an attachment or click a link, your device may be infected with malware that can steal your personal information, or you may be prompted to share personal information by filling out a form. It is important to remember to stay vigilant, and never share private information via email. 

To learn more about safe banking, visit the CCUA Cyber Safe website. 

CCUA Cyber Safe


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Safe Banking