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Family picnic
Free Fridays: Outdoor Picnics
Free FridaysAug. 18, 2017

Summer is fleeting in Winnipeg, and what better way to spend some quality time outdoors than to enjoy a meal in your yard or at a park?

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Couple discussing finances
Spenders and Savers: How to Cope with Differing Spending Styles
BudgetingAug. 16, 2017

When it comes to money, there are two basic styles: spenders and savers...

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Manitoba Legislative Building
Free Fridays: Manitoba Legislative Building Tours
Free FridaysAug. 11, 2017

Interested in learning about our history, and visiting an iconic Manitoba landmark?

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Dog and cat lying together
The Costs of Owning a Pet
SpendingAug. 9, 2017

Pet ownership can be rewarding and fulfilling, but many people don’t stop to consider the one-time and ongoing costs of keeping a pet happy and healthy...

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Monthly Market Insights Header
Monthly Market Insights: July 2017
InvestingAug. 8, 2017

Every month, Cambrian shares the Monthly Economic Commentary provided by our partners at Credential Financial Inc..

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Watching a movie outdoors
Free Fridays: Free Outdoor Movies
Free FridaysAug. 4, 2017

Grab your chairs, blankets and snacks, and spend an evening watching a movie under the stars

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Young woman looking at a computer
Set Yourself Up for Financial Success with a Budget
BudgetingAug. 1, 2017

Most people know that a budget is important, but setting one up can feel overwhelming, and people may not be aware of the importance of revisiting their budget regularly.

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