4 Ways to Prepare for Your First Year of University

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Transitioning from high school to university, while exciting, can be a big change. You are leaving the familiar and starting over in a completely new environment. Whether you are attending a university in your hometown or further away, set yourself up for success by preparing ahead of time.

Your first year of university can set the pace of your post-secondary experience; here are five tips to start you off on the best note.

Embrace the unfamiliar:

We have often heard that nothing great happens in your comfort zone. Your first year is the chance to step out of the norm and experience new things. We learn and grow the most from things that are initially unfamiliar to us. So in your first year, take a course that challenges you, be curious and ask many questions. Think about the person you want to become; the goals you have set for yourself and the things you want to overcome. Then take the necessary steps to become this person by being open to new experiences and new life lessons.


Practice life skills:

Beyond getting an education, university prepares you for real life. Take the time to practice life skills before you head out and during your post-secondary education. Practice things like proper communication, time management, cooking skills among other things. Learn how to budget and have a plan for your money. These essential skills can make all the difference in your post-secondary experience.


Get involved:

Your university life can be a journey of self-discovery. Get involved with activities beyond your classroom by participating in extra-curricular activities. Meet new people and cultivate new relationships. Volunteer your time to causes that are near and dear to you. Play a sport or join the student council. Not only will you experience personal growth, all these activities will also look great on your resume. However, make sure you do not overextend yourself. Focus on the activities that mean the most to you and that you give your best too without burning out. Remember that a good reference letter is much better than a long resume.


Work hard & stay focused:

Your first year of university can be filled with many new and exciting things. As you enjoy these- new experiences do not lose focus of the main thing – your classes. Be intentional about attending all your lectures, asking questions and successfully completing the coursework. It is easy to get distracted with parties, events and extracurricular activities, but always stay focused and let the main thing be the main thing.


Your post-secondary years can be some of the best in your life as a young adult. Enjoy the experience, learn all you can and become all you desire to be.