Beware of store emails in your inbox

Paying for Online Purchases with a Credit Card

Have you ever noticed that at certain stores you are asked to provide your email address every time you make a purchase? Stores use your purchase information, and information from any loyalty cards you have in order to send you custom sales offers that are relevant to your shopping habits.

Sale emails from stores can promise you great deals if you need the product advertised, but often they will entice you to make purchases you were not planning on making. Impulse spending can be disastrous for your budget, so it is important to be mindful of your spending. Here are some tips to avoid falling into the trap of impulse spending when you receive an email from a store you shop at frequently:

Sit on it for 24 hours

The communications you receive create a sense of urgency by advising you of a limited time offer. If you think you need to take advantage of a sale offer from your inbox, take 24 hours and think about whether you really need the product being offered. In many cases you will decide that you don’t need to make a purchase immediately, or at all, helping you stay within your monthly budget.

Hide the emails from view

Do you have a hard time resisting whenever you see an email from your favourite store? Remove the temptation by sending these emails to a separate email address you only check occasionally. Or, many email providers will allow you to set filters so that all marketing emails will go into a separate folder in your inbox. This means the sales emails are out of sight and out of mind!

Unsubscribe from the emails

One tactic to try if you find yourself making too many impulse purchases at a store is to unsubscribe from their emails. You can always re-subscribe down the line if you choose to do so.