Choosing the Right Credit Card

Pile of credit cards

Canadian consumers are frequently choosing to pull out their credit cards when making purchases nowadays. Your credit card can be a convenient way to pay, and the rewards can be a great perk to using your card, and if you have the right card, it is possible to get good value in return. So how do you choose the card that is right for you?

Look at your Lifestyle

Before picking out a credit card, take a look at your lifestyle, including your life stage, and what you prefer to spend your money on. If you’re in college or university and have never had a credit card before, the Cambrian Student MasterCard® can help you build a strong future by allowing you access to a convenient, secure credit card to build your credit.

For people looking to earn cash rewards for everyday purchases, the Cambrian Cashback MasterCard® is a good option, as it has no annual fee, and you’ll earn 1 point for every $1 spent on everyday purchases and 2 points for every $1 spent at gas stations.

Are you a frequent traveler to the United States? A card with no foreign transaction fees, like the Cambrian US Dollar MasterCard® is a great option when you’re traveling or shopping in the US.

Are you Willing to Pay an Annual Fee?

Some credit cards charge an annual fee, but in return you gain access to additional rewards and features when you use your card. These rewards and perks can really add up if you take full advantage of them.

Consider how much in purchases you’d be putting in your credit card a year, and what the value of your rewards and other benefits would be to determine if your purchases would be enough to justify paying the annual fee.

To apply for a Cambrian credit card, visit your local branch or apply online