Expenses to keep in mind when planning a trip

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You’ve got your trip in mind, and you’re in the process of budgeting it out. Travel can be a wonderful and memorable experience, but an unexpected expense while you’re on the road can be stressful and hard on your budget. Here are some expenses to remember to work in to the budget for your next trip.

Exchange Fees

Whether you’re changing Canadian dollars into the currency of your destination or using your credit or ATM card, you are going to have to pay currency exchange fees or foreign transaction fees. If you’re planning to use your credit or ATM card during your trip, look up the foreign transaction fees before you go and keep them in mind when making your budget.

As well, before you go away, be sure to set up a travel advisory alert on your Cambrian account! To create an advisory, log into your Cambrian Online account, click “Account Services”, then click “Travel Advisory”. Fill out the form, and ensure you check mark which ATM cards you will be travelling with.

Cellphone Roaming Fees

If you’re leaving the country, keep in mind that you will be charged roaming fees by your cellphone provider if you use your cellphone. Remember that even keeping your phone connected to a network can subject you to fees if you have any automatic processes running that will use data, such as updating your email inbox. Before departing, check with your cellphone provider to see what travel plans they offer if you plan on using your phone while you’re away.

Souvenirs and Excursions

Once you’ve made it to your destination, you may find yourself wanting to go shopping for keepsakes, or heading out on a group excursion. These sorts of expenses can add up quickly while you’re away, so it’s best to plan ahead for them and have some money set aside so you won’t feel the financial pinch once you return home.


Life happens, and it’s important to plan ahead for emergencies when you’re on vacation. A trip to the hospital, or replacing a lost or stolen passport can be expensive. Consider purchasing travel medical coverage before going away in case you do need to visit the hospital on your trip. And, keep a scanned copy of your passport and other travel documents somewhere accessible to make it easier to replace them in the event they’re lost or stolen.