Hosting for the holidays without breaking the bank

Holiday dinner table

The holidays are coming up quickly, and for many people, it is a busy time of year full of parties, dinners and other gatherings with family and friends. If you’re hosting a gathering, party expenses can add up quickly, putting a dent in your budget. Here are some tips to make your next holiday party a memorable one without busting your budget:

Prioritize Presentation

A little creativity goes a long way when it comes to food presentation. Instead of purchasing more expensive ingredients, buy more budget friendly alternatives and serve them to your guests in an interesting manner. Try purchasing fruit that is in season, slice it, and serve it alongside a warm chocolate dip for a treat that is both delicious and inexpensive. Cooking a main dish? Instead of turkey, consider a pasta dish, or egg-based dish, such as a frittata.

Consider a Potluck

If you’re hosting a large get together, consider making it a potluck. Not only will this help you with prepping and clean-up, you won’t be responsible for buying the groceries required to feed a large group of people. To ensure there is a variety, circulate a sign-up sheet ahead of time with categories such as “salads”, “main course”, “desserts”, and “sides”.

If you’re doing a potluck, speak to your guests to find out what they’ll need to store food to ensure you have available fridge or freezer space, or unused plugs to keep food adequately chilled or warmed.

Limit your Beverage Offerings

If you’re serving alcohol, this can add up quickly. One option is to serve a themed beverage, such as a champagne cocktail. This can add a touch of class without requiring you to splurge on a variety of beverage types.

Skipping the alcohol entirely is another way to save money. Making your holiday gathering a breakfast meal or afternoon tea can be a more budget-friendly way to host a meal.