Saving money on your monthly bills

Woman using phone

Everyone has monthly bills, and these expenses can add up quickly. Internet, cellular phones and cable can be expensive utilities, but with a bit of time, you may be able to find yourself a better deal and save money every month.

Look at the Competition

Internet and cable companies frequently offer deals aimed at new customers. Have a look online, and find what competitors are offering new customers. Give your current provider a call, and have a conversation with them about the other offers out in the market. Generally you will be transferred to a retentions department, where they will have the power to offer you a better deal.

Examine your Habits

Monthly subscriptions such as Netflix, Spotify, and Audible may seem affordable on their own, but pay for a few of these every month and it really adds up! Do an inventory of all of your monthly subscriptions. Are you using them enough to make the subscription worthwhile? Is the tier you’re currently paying for more than you need? Cancelling a few little-used monthly subscription services and dropping to a lower service tier can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Bring your Own Cellphone

When purchasing a phone through your wireless provider, the cost of the phone is added to your bill. A great way to lower your monthly cellphone bill is to purchase your own phone upfront. Consider purchasing an older model instead of the newest phone on the market, or buy second hand.

Keep in mind that, while contracts span 24 months, you do not necessarily need to upgrade after 24 months. If your phone is still in good condition, keeping it for another year or two is a great way to save money.

Lower your Hydro Bill

By making a few small changes, you can lower your energy usage, which will save you money on your hydro bill. Consider purchasing a smart thermostat that allows you to change the temperature setting when you are not home. Seal air leaks around your home, and ensure you are having your air conditioner and furnace maintained regularly. Purchase LED bulbs to use in your home, and open blinds during the day instead of turning lights on.

By taking a few small steps, you can lower your monthly bills, giving you more money to put towards paying off debt or saving for your future.