The Benefits of a Cambrian US Dollar Mastercard

Family Vacation

Visits to the United States are common for Canadians, whether it is to find some deals while cross-border shopping or spending the winter away from the cold. With many cards, when you make purchases in another currency you are required to pay foreign transaction fees. These can add up quickly! However, you can avoid foreign transaction fees for US purchases with the Cambrian US Dollar MasterCard®.

In addition to avoiding costly foreign transaction fees, you will earn $1 point for every $1 USD spent, and can redeem your points for cash, gift cards, merchandise or travel rewards. Given that the average foreign transaction fee is 2.5%, by making your American purchases with this card, you are saving a significant amount of money by avoiding these fees.

Even if you don’t travel frequently to the United States, if you frequently make online orders on American websites, you can use this card to save on foreign transaction fees, and earn points, as well.

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