What can you do with the money the Unfee saves you?

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The Unfee works hard to save you money! By setting up a recurring direct deposit, like your paycheque or pension deposit, Cambrian will refund your service fees every month. Additionally, by signing up to receive your documents online with our Green for Green program, Cambrian will pay you $1 a month! We did the math, and here is what you can buy with a year of refunded service fees, plus the Green for Green Program:

Basic Banking: $8.50 a month

Qualifying for the Unfee will save you $8.50 a month, giving you $9.50 with the Green for Green program, totaling $114 a year!  That’s enough to pay for dinner ($80, including tip), and two IMAX movie tickets ($33.50). That’s a free date night on Cambrian!

You can also place that money in your savings account to help save for a large purchase, or for your retirement. While $114 may not seem like much right now, year after year it will grow, thanks to the magic of compound interest.

Premium Banking: $18.50 a month

Qualifying for the Unfee will save you $18.50 a month, and with the Green for Green program paying you $1 a month, you will net $234 a year! With that money, you can indulge in a spa facial and foot and leg treatment ($195).

If you choose to place the money you save every year in your savings account, in 10 years it will have grown to $2908.38! You can make your savings grow more quickly by using your savings to make up part of a GIC investment (minimum $1,000, or $100 for members 22 or younger).