Accessibility for Manitobans

Cambrian Credit Union is committed to the Accessibility for Manitobans Act and its customer service regulation. This policy reflects Cambrian’s ongoing practices and measures of the Customer Service Standard and our commitment to provide products and services in an efficient, fair and respectful manner to people of all abilities.

Accessibility for Manitobans Act Standard for Customer Service Policy

We have an Accessibility for Manitobans Act Standard for Customer Service policy, which reflects Cambrian's ongoing practices and measures and our commitment to provide products and services in an efficient, fair and respectful manner to people of all abilities.

Communication and Information

We communicate with people disabled by barriers in ways that take into account the nature of the barrier, and attempt to remove the barrier for service delivery.


1. Have paper and pen available if required.

2. Have easy to read fonts and plain language documents.

3. Offer a quieter space when appropriate.

Assistive Devices

People with disabilities Members may use their personal assistive devices when accessing Cambrian premises. Generally, these include devices that assist with mobility, vision, dexterity or hearing loss (i.e. wheelchairs, walkers, oxygen tanks).


Training includes appropriate interaction of staff with members using assistive devices.

Support Persons

We welcome members accompanied by a support person.


- Training includes appropriate interaction of staff with Members accompanied by support persons. For example, staff will address the Member, unless requested to do otherwise.

- We ensure members have access to their support person at all times and make space for support persons in our locations.

Service Animals

We are committed to meeting the requirements of Manitoba’s Human Rights Code and welcome members accompanied by service animals. The Human Rights Code (Manitoba) defines a service animal to be “an animal that has been trained to provide assistance to a person with a disability that relates to that person's disability.” A service animal can often be identified through visual indicators, such as its harness or vest, or through the assistance it is providing.


- When it is not easy to identify if an animal is a service animal, staff may ask, “Is the animal assisting you?” to ensure clarity.

- Training ensure staff do not engage with the service animal in a way that could distract it.

- Training ensures staff understands the rights of persons accompanied by service animals.

- We treat service animals like working animals.

Maintain Barrier Free Access

We are committed to maintaining barrier free access to our branch locations.


- Keeping hallways, ramps and waiting/meeting rooms clear of clutter such as boxes.

- Keeping entranceways cleared of snow and ice.

- We use both audio and visual cues to inform members it is their turn.

Notice of Temporary Disruption

In the event of a planned or unexpected disruption of services or facilities (i.e. elevator or automatic door), we will promptly post notices. A clearly posted notice will include information about the reason for the disruption.


- The notice will be publicly available and posted at entrance to the premises.

- We work with members to find other way to provide goods and services, for example, through digital or phone appointments.

We let members know about the disruption through:

- Notices on our premises

- Alerts on our website

- Posts on our Twitter

Stories on Facebook and Instagram

Feedback process

We welcome feedback on how we provide accessible customer service. Member feedback will help us identify barriers and respond to concerns.


- Members can provide feedback by speaking with a representative at their local branch location.

- Members unable to attend the branch can provide feedback through these alternate methods:


Phone: 204-925-2727

- Feedback that can be addressed at the initial point of contact will be documented on the Accessibility Concerns form, to assist in identifying trends or systemic accessibility issues.

- Feedback that cannot be resolved at the initial point of contact will be escalated to the Chief People & Corporate Services Officer for further investigation and review.


All staff receive training on accessible customer service and new employees are trained within 30 days of being hired.

Training includes:

- The purpose of The Accessibility for Manitobans Act and the requirements of the Customer Service Standard.

- Cambrian Credit Union’s Accessibility for Customer Service Policy.

- How to interact and communicate with people disabled by barriers, including persons who use an assistive device or require the assistance of a service animal or a support person.

- What to do if a person with a disability is having difficulty in accessing our services or facilities.

- We provide refresher training regularly, including updates to policies, practices and measures.

Written Record of Accessibility and Training Policies

We keep a written record of our accessibility and training policies.


- Posted on our website

- Through employees (in person, or by phone)

- We provide policies within a reasonable timeframe, at no cost, and in a format that meets the needs of the individual.

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