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Undo your debt

Wrap your debt into one easy monthly payment to get debt free sooner and save money on interest.

five stars
Rating from 500+ post-appointment reviews

Cambrian’s PayOff Loan

Offer expires 10 June 2022. Variable rate subject to change.

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Why a PayOff Loan?

Save thousands with a lower rate and get debt free sooner.

When it comes to paying down debt, wrapping high interest debt into a lower interest rate consolidation loan can make a big difference. Here’s an example:

Without PayOff Loan

With PayOff Loan

Without PayOff Loan

Meera had 3 credit cards with outstanding balances totaling


With PayOff Loan

Meera pays off her credit cards in full with a Consolidation Loan of


Without PayOff Loan

Credit Card Interest Rate


With PayOff Loan

Loan Interest Rate


Without PayOff Loan

Credit Card Payments


With PayOff Loan

Loan Payments


Without PayOff Loan

Meera will pay off her debt in

11 years, 5 months

With PayOff Loan

Meera will pay off her debt in

6 years

By consolidating debt in a PayOff Loan:

Meera would save $33,230 in interest costs.
Meera would be debt-free 5 years and 5 months sooner.
Meera's monthly payment increases by $60.

Try our PayOff Debt Calculator to see how much you can save by consolidating your debt.

Simplify your payments with one monthly payment.

When you wrap your debt into a consolidation loan, you only need to make one monthly loan payment. Which means less hassle and less risk of forgetting to make multiple payments by their due dates.

Improve your credit score by paying your loan off on time.

A simplified payment schedule with a lower interest rate and smaller loan payment will make your finances more manageable so you can make all your payments on time. Making your payments on time will improve your credit score.

Save $222 every
year with Unfee.

Moving your daily banking account to Cambrian will save you money every year with Unfee.

Bank for free by setting up a monthly direct deposit in your Cambrian chequing or savings account and we’ll refund your service fees every month. With our Premium Account, you will save $222 every year.No minimum balance required.

Get personalized, honest advice about your debt.

At Cambrian, we aim to make paying off your debt as simple as possible.

We evaluate each situation individually and make our honest recommendation based on what is best for you, our member. We’ll tell you what you need to hear and clearly explain your options so that you understand how we can help.

“My Cambrian advisor ensured we got a peace of mind in purchasing our first home and for myself to payoff loan, he was very thorough and professional. They will go out of their way to give you the best advice and support you throughout the process. I did recommend Cambrian to friends and family who are happy about the service as well. Thank you team!”


experience with Cambrian

five stars

“I had an excellent experience. My advisor was very positive, thoughtful and informative.  I greatly appreciated his approach.”


experience with a Cambrian PayOff Loan appointment

five stars

How does applying for a PayOff Loan work?

Step 1:
Apply online

You can apply for a personal loan online at anytime.

You will need the following information (if joint borrowers, you will need the information for both borrowers):

1. Employment information, including your gross monthly salary (before taxes and deductions)

2. Information about your assets, such as:

• Properties you own

• Vehicles you own

• RRSPs & investments

• Chequing and savings balances

3. Information about your debt payments and liabilities, which include:

• Mortgages

• Loans

• Credit cards

• Rent & lease payments

4. We may also need you to provide us with the following documents:

• Valid photo identification

• Income verification (pay stub, T4, etc.)

• Statements (bank, credit card, etc.)

• Tax return

Step 2:
Book a meeting

We will review your online application within one business day and email you next steps. If we are proceeding with your application, we will ask you to book a meeting online with one of our advisors (you can meet by video, phone or in person).

Step 3:
Meet with a Personal Banking Advisor

At the meeting, we will review your application together and gather all the required information. Depending on the situation, we may ask you to provide collateral, such as a vehicle, or we may require another signer (i.e. a co-signer) to secure your personal loan.

Step 4:
Sign loan documents

We will draft the loan documents for your signature and review together. You can sign the documents in person at the branch or we can securely email the document for you to sign electronically.

Step 5:
Your loan is in your account!

We will set up the personal loan in your Cambrian account including automatic loan payments, as per the repayment schedule in your loan document.

Reach us when and where
you need us.

We know your time is precious, so we strive to make your experience quick and seamless.

Listen icon
Same-day response to your application.
  • Online applications will be reviewed within one business day.
  • Credit decisions are made locally ensuring a quick turnaround time.
Contact icon
Our average call response time is under 1 minute.
  • When you have questions, you can reach us in minutes (not hours).
  • Our contact centre representatives are personable and local.
You don’t need to come into the branch.
  • Book a meeting online to meet with an advisor by video or phone.
  • You can meet with any of our available advisors at the time that suits you best.

Thinking of consolidating your debt? Here are some things to know.

Cambrian has helped thousands of members pay off their debt and these are the top things we think you should know.

1. Review your finances

To get out of debt, first you need to know how much you owe.

Review your credit report, look at your statements and create a debt checklist.

2. Find out how much you can save

Use our PayOff Debt Calculator to find out in minutes how you can save thousands of dollars in interest by consolidating your debt into one PayOff Loan. Using the calculator will not affect your credit score.

3. Apply for a loan

In only 15 minutes, you can apply for a PayOff Loan online.

Prefer to meet with an advisor? Book a meeting online.

4. Save time

You can go through the entire loan process with us without needing to step foot in the branch.

Our Personal Banking Advisors are available via video and you can sign your loan documents electronically.

Find these tips and more in our helpful blog articles:

Asked Questions

How long will it take for my loan or mortgage application to be approved?
Once you submit your loan or mortgage application online, we will contact you within 1 business day to obtain the required information. Under normal circumstances, once your application is complete, approval should only take an additional business day.
What is a co-signer?
A co-signer may be required if you do not qualify for a loan or mortgage on your own. A co-signer is legally responsible to make the loan or mortgage payments if you default.
How can I calculate how much I can save with a consolidation loan?

Use our PayOff Debt Calculator to estimate how much you could save in interest by wrapping all your debt into one monthly loan payment.

Do you have to be a Cambrian member to get a loan through Cambrian?
You do not need to be a member to apply for a loan. We will open a Cambrian membership if your loan application is approved.
What is collateral and do I need it to get a loan?

In some cases, you will need to provide collateral to secure your loan. This depends on inpidual circumstances like income, assets, existing debt and credit score.

Collateral is an asset of value – generally a vehicle or your home, which provides security to the loan. Providing collateral can lower your interest rate, and help you get approved for a loan if your credit score does not qualify you for an unsecured loan.

How does my credit score impact my ability to get a loan?

A higher credit score means your credit history is good, therefore financial institutions will have more confidence in your ability to pay back your loan on time.

Visit to get a copy of your credit score for free.