Members are at the heart of everything we do.

Member rewards

We’re focused on ensuring our members receive the best value with our products and services.

Every year we look for ways to improve our efficiencies, increase our value and provide additional convenience to members. We ensure our products are competitive in the marketplace and offer high value to members. As a financial cooperative, members and the community collectively benefit from Cambrian’s success.


We are proud to reward our members with the Unfee, Cambrian’s service charge refund program.

Through Unfee we returned $6.7 million in service fees in 2022, and a total of $62 million since the program’s launch in 2011.

In 2011 Cambrian transformed our previous patronage program into the Unfee. Since then, we have consistently refunded the monthly service fees for qualifying members, totalling $222 in value per year for members who choose our premium account. This unique value proposition sets us apart from the rest!

Profits for Members, not Shareholders

Credit unions are different than traditional banks. Cambrian is organized as a cooperative where our members are also our customers. There is no conflict of interest between shareholders and customers as can exist with traditional financial institutions. You, as a member, own Cambrian Credit Union, and we work for your best interests.

Credit union profits enhance the community and help foster innovation in banking tools and services. Your local community and the people who bank with Cambrian share in the credit union's success rather than shareholders. The greatest benefit of membership is sharing our success.

Cambrian is a Manitoba-based Financial Cooperative

Cooperatives are locally-minded organizations, and exist to serve their members. A local focus means that members can expect genuine advice and personalized service that is built upon real relationships. Cambrian Advisors take time to get to know your unique situation. Building relationships with members ensures that we can help each person build a strong financial foundation.  

We aim to save members time and money and solve their financial problems. Through this mission we help members achieve their goals. We thank all members for their trust, confidence and the role they play in making Cambrian successful.

Engage with Cambrian

If you bank at Cambrian, you have a democratic vote in how the credit union operates. You can vote for the Board of Directors, who oversee the credit union's strategic direction; you can even run for a spot or nominate someone to join the Board of Directors!

At the Annual General Meeting, members are invited to vote on policy, encouraged to ask questions and be involved in the credit union. You can read about the financial performance, community impact, commitment to members, and key milestones of Cambrian Credit Union in the Annual Report.

Cooperative Principles

Cooperative principles help the credit union put its purpose into practice. Seven coop principles guide all cooperatives, including Cambrian.

Voluntary and Open Membership

Anyone can join a credit union!

Democratic Member Control

You have a membership; you have a vote!

Member Economic Participation

You have an impact on the success of the credit union

Autonomy & Independence

Credit unions are controlled by members

Education, Training & Information

We believe in improving financial literacy for members and our community

Cooperation Among Cooperatives

We work together to build our communities

Concern for Community

Helping communities thrive through donations, sponsorship and programs