Notice of AGM
Join us at our virtual Annual General Meeting on April 25th. Pre-register today!
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Election of Directors
Cast your vote for the 2023 Election of Directors today!
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New email address
Cambrian will be using this new address: to send emails to our members. Please be sure to mark it as safe!
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US Dollar Account

Perfect for cross-border travelers, shoppers and snow birds, our US Dollar Chequing Account allows you to buy, sell and save in American dollars.

Deposit Guarantee

All deposits guaranteed without limit by the Deposit Guarantee Corporation of Manitoba.

This means your money is safe with Cambrian.

Preferential USD Exchange Rates

Members with USD accounts get preferential USD exchange rates:

- 0.0025 premium/discount for transactions of $5,000 - $25,000
- 0.0050 premium/discount for transactions over $25,000

The premium/discount on buy/sell transactions will be applied on the exchange rate in
effect on the date of the transaction.