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Whether you're saving for a trip, a car, school, or just setting aside money for a rainy day, our savings account can help you. There are no monthly fees, you earn high interest on every dollar, and to help your savings stay organized and on track, you can customize the name of your account like 'New Car' or 'Wedding.'

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Premium Savings Account

  • High interest applied to the entire balance. Calculated daily and paid monthly
  • Access to credit union ATMs, Interac, Cirrus and PLUS Networks
  • First ATM transaction free each month. Each direct deposit to this account earns you ONE FREE credit union ATM withdrawal in the same month
  • CambrianOnline, CambrianMobile and Touchtone banking included
  • Monthly statements sent on active accounts, quarterly otherwise
  • No minimum deposit
  • Can be placed in a TFSA or RRSP

Keep your goals on track by giving your savings account customized names, such as 'Holiday Shopping' or 'New Car'