Our Investment Philosophy

At Cambrian Credit Union we believe our Investment Philosophy offers benefits to each investor and has five guiding principles:

  1. Each Investor is Unique
    No two investors are alike. Whether we are reviewing members’ future wealth goals, their overall personal risk tolerance, or specific time horizons, we must understand the distinct features of each investor’s situation and objectives. We will provide professional advice and customized investment strategies that best achieve each investor’s unique financial objectives.
  2. Know What You Own & Why You Own It
    Investment education is a vital requirement for the long-term investor. Knowing what you own and why you own it allows you to maintain sound investment disciplines throughout turbulent market conditions and provides an overall improved sense of investment security.
  3. Portfolio Diversification
    Effective diversification within an investor’s portfolio is fundamental to achieving wealth goals. Effective long-term asset allocation that diversifies among a variety of quality investments and held in appropriate account type best positions an investor for achieving success.
  4. Portfolio Consolidation
    The best path towards achieving your wealth goals is to diversify your portfolio, not your advice. By consolidating your investment portfolios under one advisor, you will ensure you are on course to achieving your goals and that your wealth strategies are always in sync with each other.
  5. Long-term Commitment
    Ongoing successful investing includes adjusting for changing needs and objectives over time. By making long-term commitments to our members, we ensure that their investment strategies stay current with their goals and dreams. Please let us know of any life changes that may affect your wealth strategy.