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Celebrating cultural diversity at Cambrian

May 23, 2023
min read

Cultural diversity makes a workplace stronger; it brings together people who have a variety of different life experiences, skill sets, and perspectives.

Group photo of people in cultural attire

At Cambrian, our St. James branch recently had a Cultural Attire Day to celebrate the diversity of our team.

Nidhi Luthra shared with us what this meant to her and how the event came together:

Creating a Cultural Attire Day

Nidhi Luthra was a Senior Personal Banking Advisor at our St. James branch when she had the idea for this event. Since then, she’s been promoted to Retail Sales Manager at our Regent branch.

We asked Nidhi what inspired this event:

“One day, we were having a potluck at the branch. During our casual chat at the lunch table, I threw out the idea of having a Cultural Attire Day in the branch."

“Everyone liked it and immediately got on board with it, including our regional leader, David Ross.”

Part of creating an inclusive workplace is to ensure there is support from all levels of management and leadership.

“I think as a leader, we should always be aware of the differences within the team to be able to navigate them effectively,” says Nidhi.

The team went ahead with planning cultural diversity day. When the day arrived, staff were encouraged to wear clothing that reflected their culture.

“While organizing for the day, I saw how excited, engaged, and enthusiastic everyone was about it. People were eager to share their lifestyle, background, food, clothing, and travel experiences.”

Strengthening our workplace through cultural diversity

At Cambrian, we celebrate the diversity of our team in many ways. We strive to create a workplace where everyone feels included and has a sense of belonging, no matter where they’re from.

“Cultural diversity isn’t just about people from different backgrounds and ethnicity,” says Nidhi.

“I believe it’s about embracing the differences, acknowledging how unique and united we are, and realizing how these differences make us stronger and more innovative.”

The Cambrian difference

Cambrian is committed to being an organization that reflects the diversity of our membership. We strive to create an inclusive environment where everyone can bring their authentic voices to the workplace.

Events like a cultural diversity day are what build a sense of community and belonging here at Cambrian.

“The event we celebrated and the idea of having cultural diversity in a workplace is very close to my heart,” Nidhi says.

“As an immigrant and a Canadian citizen, I feel very fortunate to experience this cultural infusion. I am fortunate to be a part of an inclusive workplace where we feel valued and supported.”

Interested in joining a diverse team that believes in community? To start your career at Cambrian, visit our Careers page today.

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