Effective September 1, 2024

Service fee changes will be in effect on September 1, 2024

Cambrian’s mission is to provide the best value in banking to our members, which is why we have not increased our service fees since 2018.

However, due to rising operating and payments processing costs, we will be making incremental changes to our personal account service fees effective September 1, 2024.

Members can continue to bank for free at Cambrian by getting their personal account service fees refunded monthly with our Unfee program. Unfee returned $6.9 million in services back to our members in 2023.  

  • All you need to qualify for Unfee is a recurring monthly direct deposit in a qualifying personal account. And even better, if you have multiple accounts under the same membership, all qualifying personal accounts get their service fees refunded as long as one account in the membership has a recurring monthly direct deposit.
    Learn more about Unfee

Green for Green Program ending August 31, 2024

In October 2005, Cambrian launched our innovative Green for Green program, encouraging members to receive their account documents online by providing a $1/month incentive for doing so. No other financial institution provided this type of incentive.

The goal was to allow members to manage their banking documents electronically, while improving our operational efficiency and saving millions of pages of unnecessary paper.

The Green for Green program has proven a resounding success for Cambrian, our members and the environment!

85% of Cambrian’s Online Banking members now receive their account documents electronically.

  • This provides a secure and convenient access to their financial documents.
  • This also saves time and operational costs that would be required to print and mail over 38,000 statements every month.

Together, we are saving more than 2,000,000 sheets of paper every year by not printing and mailing these monthly statements, tax receipts, maturity notices and other documents.

  • This in itself saves an estimated 200 trees annually.

Having achieved these milestones, Cambrian will be sunsetting our Green for Green program, with the last $1/month incentive being paid to members on August 31, 2024.

Cambrian will be reallocating the cost of the incentive program towards the ongoing development of the best possible digital banking experience for our members.

  • This strategic investment in digital banking will ensure we remain relevant to our members now and far into the future. For example, Cambrian has been a leader in our industry by offering our members the option to meet with any of our advisors via video, whether it be for personal, business or wealth services.
  • We will also be releasing a redesigned mobile banking app this fall.

Stay tuned for more details as our digital journey unfolds.