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Send INTERAC e-Transfer

  1. Select “Transfer” in the top menu of CIB
  2. Select “INTERAC e-Transfer” in the side menu
  3. On the INTERAC e-Transfer page, click “Continue”
  4. Enter the details of the e-Transfer:
    • Select the account you want to transfer from
    You cannot send an e-Transfer from an account that requires more than one signer.
    • Select the recipient
    If you need to add a recipient, select the person icon to "Add Recipient".
    • Select either text, email or both
    • Enter the transfer amount
    • You have the option to add a message to the recipient
    • Create a security question and answer
    You can click "Re-use security question and answer for recipient" or you can create a Security Question & Answer for this e-Transfer specifically.
    Do not put the answer to your security question in the "Message" box.
  5. Click “Submit”
  6. Review the details and click "Confirm"
  7. You will receive "Transaction Complete"

To review, edit or cancel a pending e-Transfer, see Pending e-Transfer.

New recipients may take up to 30 minutes to receive the first e-Transfer; subsequent e-Transfers to these recipients should be processed in a few minutes.

INTERAC e-Transfers to new recipients or larger amounts may also take up to 30 minutes to be processed.


® Trademark of INTERAC Inc. Used under license.