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How can I view, edit or cancel a scheduled bill payment?

Follow the steps here to cancel a scheduled bill payment.

1. Login to Online Banking

2. Go to the "Move Money" menu and select "Pay Bills"


3. In the menu below "Pay Bills" click "Pending"


4. Go to "Options" beside the scheduled payment you want to change

View - Select "View Details"

Edit - Select "Edit"

Delete - Select "Delete"

You will receive a confirmation screen to confirm a cancellation.

1. Login to the Mobile App

2. Go to "Move Money" menu and select "Pay Bills"

3. In the menu below "Pay Bills" click "Pending"

4. Click the scheduled payment to view more details and then select “Edit” or “Delete”

  • If editing, make your required changes and click “Save”
  • If deleting, confirm you wish to delete the scheduled payment by clicking “Yes”

Note that pending government payments can be viewed in the Mobile App but can only be deleted via Online Banking.