New envelope-less Cambrian ATMs
Our new ATMs no longer require envelopes for cash or cheque deposits. To learn more, click the link below!
New ATMs

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Resend Interac e-Transfer®

You can resend a notification for an e-Transfer you have sent.

  1. Select “Transfer” in the top menu of CIB
  2. Select “Interac e-Transfer” in the side menu
  3. On the Interac e-Transfer page, click “Continue”
  4. Select “Pending” under “Send Money”
  5. Select “Options” next to the e-Transfer you wish to resend and click “Resend Notification”

If you first edit the email address or text number on a recipient and then resend the notification, the notice will go to the updated contact, and will then update in your transaction listing.


® Trademark of Interac Inc. Used under license.