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Auto Reclaim INTERAC e-Transfer (Expired or Declined)

A recipient has 30 days from the send date to accept an INTERAC e-transfer.

If the recipient declines the e-Transfer or fails to accept the e-Transfer within 30 days, INTERAC will trigger the Auto Reclaim feature to automatically deposit the e-Transfer back into the sender’s account. No action is required on the sender’s part.

However, in certain situations, INTERAC will send an email asking the sender to cancel the e-Transfer in order for the funds to be deposited back into the sender’s account. In this case, the sender will have up to 30 days to cancel the e-Transfer. If the sender does not cancel the e-Transfer within the 30 day period, INTERAC will initiate a refund which will be manually processed by Cambrian Credit Union.

Any fees associated with sending the declined or expired e-Transfer will not be refunded.


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