New envelope-less Cambrian ATMs
Our new ATMs no longer require envelopes for cash or cheque deposits. To learn more, click the link below!
New ATMs

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How do I deposit a cheque with the Mobile App?

1. Login to the Mobile App

2. Click "Deposit"

3. Take a picture of both sides of your cheque

4. Select the account you want the cheque deposited to

5. Enter the amount of the cheque

6. Click "Submit"

Cheques must be in Canadian funds.

Cheque deposits are subject to the same holds that are active on your account.

Cheques that cannot be deposit with the Mobile App:

  • Cheques that have been altered
  • Official Cheques and Money Orders
  • Cheques that are only partially filled out
  • Cheques that are payable to more than one person and they are not joint on an account
  • Cheques that have already been deposited

Limits for Mobile App cheque deposit:

Per cheque: max of $5,000

Per day: max of $5,000

Per week: max of $10,000

Per month: max of $20,000